Formulate Fusion 20×20 Island Kit 11

This bold and dominant 20′ x 30′ exhibit certainly won’t be one that attendees simply walk past. A big, bold trapezoidal-shaped fabric structure hangs just slightly above the four mirrored trapezoidal-shaped corner towers. The large fabric hanging structure provides a plethora of real estate for branding, imagery and messaging to draw visitors into the exhibit space. The corner tower structures feature laminated wood perimeters and push-fit fabric graphics; wood counters stand in front of the towers, providing structural support and secure storage. Above each of the four counters are areas for large TV monitors to display digital media. In the center of the space are two L-shaped divider walls, designed to help create a semi-private space for meetings.

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‘- 20′ x 30’ island display with graphics
– Trapezodial-shaped fabric structure hangs above 4 mirrored trapezoidal-shaped corner towers
– 4 wood counters stand in front of towers
– Above each of the 4 counters are areas for large TV monitors; monitor mounts* included
– 2 L-shaped fabric dividers for semi-private meetings
– Hanging structure requires rigging

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