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Most Affordable Foam Board Printing

Discount Print USA offers the most affordable facility or memory building through Ultra board Printing. The foam board printing and foam board mounting is done with extreme care and finishing. It is the most economical way of putting your memories on the walls. All you have to do is take a high definition picture and upload it on our server. We will print it with high quality detailing, and post it on foam board for you to place it anywhere you like.

Foam board is also called as “foamcore.” Foam board printing is not just affordable but portable and easy to store as well. It is professional printing where the design is directly printed on a styrene foam of 5mm with a paper face. A moisture barrier is created during the lamination process which helps to prevent bowing and warping. The foam board itself resists denting, bending, and crushing because of the extra dense core.

Custom foam board printing is a great visual aid during presentations. Sometimes signage is also used through foam board printing to direct the participants at certain events of corporate businesses. If you are looking for a professional design, premium finish, and economical solution to your business events, foam board printing is a great solution. Discount Print USA has covered many clients’ major events through this printing facility. Customers like to keep their signs and marketing materials printed on foam board so they can use it for all their events in the year.

Foam board printing is widely used for office indoor signage and wall quotes. Managers use this economical tactic to put up moral boosting quotes for their team on the floor. These are very lightweight and portable boards without any heavy frame attached to it.

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