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Plastic Corrugated signs – Tough & Exuberating

Corrugated plastic is also commonly known as cor-plastic and coroplast. Discount Print USA suggests customers get their signs printed on corrugated plastic. The widely used material for outdoor signage, real estate signs, home security notices, parking signs, and “For Sale” signs are all made in corrugated plastic. The material is very tough, water-resistant, and durable. Since these signs are placed outdoors, the fear of getting them ruined by rain or thunderstorm is minimal.

The prints we do on corrugated plastic consist of a zig-zagged layer of plastic sandwiched between two plastic sheet layers to protect the inside printing. The structure is layered, which makes corrugated plastic more shock absorbent and lightweight. It is effortless to handle because of its structure and weight.

There are many qualities of corrugated plastic signs for your business. The first and foremost is the durability of the product. The printing and structure are unshakeable and can be used for a lifetime. It can retain its shape and clarity in the rain, the sun, or human handling before displaying any aging signs. It is insect and rodents damage proof. You can use these signs for a lifetime without any problem.

The price for getting the plastic corrugated signage is very economical. For outdoor display, it could be your most inexpensive choice. The equipment used for its printing is not too heavy, which saves the cost of the making.

The lightweight nature of corrugated plastic signs helps you with ease in transporting and distributing. The display of these signs is also convenient. Even if it falls, there is no damage because it’s very light.

The printed corrugated signs are flexible, and you can easily cut it, staple it, bend it, and punch holes in it for eyelets.

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