How High-Quality Print Services Are Still Relevant In the Digital Era

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In a world obsessed with all things digital, it’s easy to understand why there is a great emphasis on social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, video, and other digital mediums. However, print is still thriving as an essential aspect of businesses and their marketing campaigns.
Here’s why print services are still relevant in the digital era.

It gives a professional look

Many businesses still need high-quality print services to conduct meetings or share valuable information with employees or clients.

For instance, at presentations, having a hard copy of important documents or information gives the feeling of being well prepared and professional, as opposed to continually looking at your cellphone. Often, important details are conveyed by passing around brochures, so the information sticks.

Lawyers, doctors, agents, actors, and businesses all have one thing in common: a business card. Why, when they could just text you their contact information and details? It’s about creating an impression, showing that your business is professional, and adding a personal touch that can only come from a well-designed, high-quality card.

Print is still highly valued

It’s understandable to assume that people don’t care for print media in this digital world, but that simply isn’t true. In research conducted by Small Biz Trends, 85% of consumers said they were more likely to opt for a company with high-quality printed materials such as signs, flyers, or business cards.

This isn’t just a generational phenomenon; Millennials and Gen Z fall in this category too. In fact, MNI says that Gen Z-ers spend more time reading physical newspapers and magazines without interruption compared to online and digital mediums.

Certain companies and businesses are also heavily reliant on print. Take construction companies: they still need accurate, high-quality print outs of architectural plans, not only for the architects and engineers but also for their clients.

It’s a powerful marketing tool

The print media is an irreplaceable aspect of any large and successful marketing campaign.

·       Greater credibility and engagement

With print comes a feeling of legitimacy and credibility that is hard to replicate on a digital platform. This is because there aren’t invasive pop-up ads or notifications to disable your ad-blocker with print. This makes consuming print media a more organic and engaging experience, without interruptions inherently built into the medium. Studies also indicate that we retain information better when it’s on paper.

·       Greater ROI

You can also get a great return on investment with print ads. Your publications get a longer shelf life because people often keep them at home or in their offices, ready to be re-read or seen by others at a later date. Digital ads, by comparison, are often forgettable and, as mentioned, downright annoying at times. Once the consumer scrolls pasts or skips the online ad, they’re completely done with it.

·       Increased brand awareness

Print media can help your brand stand out. Well-designed brochures, banners, and billboards are an excellent way to visually establish your brand through font, imagery, colors, texture, and material.


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